Artificial Intelligence (Anna University)

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Author : Anamitra Deshmukh-Nimbalkar
Number of Pages : 436
ISBN : 9789350386767

Introduction and Problem Solving I
Artificial intelligence : Definition - Turing test- Relation with other disciplines - History of AI-Applications - Agent : Intelligent agent-Rational agent - Nature of environments - Structure of agents - Problem solving agent- Problems : Toy problems and real-world problems - Uniformed search strategies : BFS, DFS, DLS, IDS,

Bidirectional search Problem Solving II
Informed search strategies - Greedy best-first search-A* search - Heuristic functions - Local search algorithms and optimization problems - Online search agent - Constraint satisfaction problems - Backtracking search for CSP's - Local search for constraint satisfaction problems - Structure of Problems - Adversarial search-optimal decision in games-Alpha-Beta pruning - Imperfect real time decision - Games that include an element of chance.

Knowledge Representation
First-order logic-syntax and semantics of first-order-logic - Using first-order-logic - Knowledge enginering in first-order-logic. Inference in first-order-logic-interference rules - Unification and lifting - forward chanining - Backward chaining - resolution.

Learning from observations - Forms of learning - Learning decision - Ensemble learning - A Logical formulation of learning - Knowledge in learning - Explanation based learning - Learning using relevance information - Inductive logic programming.

Communication - Communication as action - A formal grammar for a fragment of English - Syntactic analysis - Augmented grammars - Semantic interpretation - Ambiguity and disambiguation - Discourse understanding - Grammar induction - Perception - Image formation - Early image processing operations - Extracting three dimensional information - Object recognition - Using vision for manipulation and navigation.

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