Basic Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Anna University)

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ISBN: 9789350384206
Edition: Second
Pages: 626

Electrical Circuits & Measurments
Ohm’s law - Kirchhoff’s laws - Steady state solution of d.c. circuits - Introduction to a.c. circuits - Waveforms and r.m.s. value - Power and power factor - Single phase and three phase balanced circuits. Operating principles of moving coil and moving iron instruments (ammeters and voltmeters), Dynamometer type wattmeters and energymeters.   

Electrical Machines
Construction, Principle of operation, Basic equations and applications of d.c. generators, d.c. motors, Single phase transformer, Single phase induction motor.

Semiconductor Devices and Applications
Characteristics of PN junction diode - Zener effect - Zener diode and its characteristics - Half wave and full wave rectifiers - Voltage regulation. Bipolar junction transistor - CB, CE, CC configurations and characteristics - Elementary treatment of small signal amplifier.

Digital Electronics
Binary number system - Logic gates - Boolean algebra - Half and full adders - Flip-flops - Registers and counters - A/D and D/A conversion (single concepts)

Fundamentals of Communication Engineering
Types of signals : Analog and digital signals - Modulation and demodulation : Principles of amplitude and frequency modulations. Communication systems : Radio, TV, Fax, Microwave, Satellite and optical fibre (Block diagram approach only)



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