Communication Theory (Anna University)

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By: Dr. J.S.Chitode
ISBN: 9789350384428
Edition: Third
Pages: 572

Amplitude Modulation Systems
Review of spectral characteristics of periodic and non-periodic signals; Generation and demodulation of AM, DSBSC, SSB and VSB signals; Comparison of amplitude modulation systems; Frequency translation; FDM; Non-linear distortion.

Angle Modulation Systems
Phase and frequency modulation; Single tone, Narrowband and wideband FM; Transmission bandwidth; Generation and demodulation of FM signal.

Noise Theory
Review of probability, Random variables and random process, Guassian process, Noise - Shot noise, Thermal noise and White noise; Narrow band noise; Noise temperature, Noise figure.
Performance of CW Modulation Systems
Superheterodyne radio receiver and its characteristics; SNR, Noise in DSBSC systems using coherent detection; Noise in AM system using envelope detection and its FM system;  FM threshold effect; Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis in FM; Comparison of performances.

Information Theory
Discrete messages and information content, Concept of amount of information, Average information, Entropy, Information rate, Source coding to increase average information per bit, Shannon-Fano coding, Huffman coding, Lempel-Ziv (LZ) coding, Shannon's theorem, Channel capacity, Bandwidth S/N trade off, Mutual information and Channel capacity, Rate distortion theory; Lossy source coding.



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