Computer Architecture (Anna University)

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Author : A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse
Number of Pages : 564
ISBN : 9789350384640

Register Transfer and Microoperations :
Register transfer language and operations, Arithmetic microoperations, Logic microoperations, Shift microoperations, Arithmetic logic shift unit. Design of a complete basic computer and its working.

Basic Computer Organization and Design :
Instruction codes, Computer registers, Computer instructions, Timing and control, Instruction cycle, Memory reference instructions, Input/output and interrupt, Design of basic computer, Design of accumulator logic.

Design of Control Unit :
Control memory, Design of control unit-microprogrammed, Hardwired and their comparative study.

Central Processing Unit :
General register organisation, Stack organisation, Instruction formats, Addressing modes, Data transfer and manipulations, Program control, RISC and CISC architecture.

Input-Output Organization :
Peripheral devices, I/O interface, Asynchronous data transfer, Modes of transfer, Priority interrupt, DMA, I/O processor, Serial communication.

Memory Organization :
Memory hierarchy, Main memory, Auxiliary memory, Associative memory, Cache memory, Virtual memory, Memory management hardware.

Advanced Concepts of Computer Architecture :
Concept of pipeline, Arithmetic pipeline, Instruction, Vector processors and array processors. Introduction to parallel processing, Interprocessor communication and synchronization.

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