Computer Architecture and Organization (Anna University)

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By: A. P. Godse, D. A. Godse
ISBN: 9789350386170
Edition: III
Pages: 708

Computing and computers, Evolution of computers, VLSI era, System design-register level, Processor level, CPU organization, Data representation, Fixed-point numbers, Floating point numbers, Instruction formats, Instruction types. Addressing modes.   

Data Path Design
Fixed point arithmetic, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and division, Combinational and sequential ALUs, Carry look ahead adder, Robertson algorithm Booth's algorithm, Non-restoring division algorithm, Floating point arithmetic, Coprocessor, Pipeline processing, Pipeline design, Modified Booth's algorithm.

Control Design  
Hardwired control, Microprogrammed control, Multiplier control unit, CPU control unit, Pipeline control, Instruction pipelines, Pipeline performance, Superscalar processing, Nano programming.   

Memory Organization    
Random access memories, Serial-access memories, RAM interfaces, Magnetic surface recording, Optical memories, Multilevel memories, Cache and virtual memory, Memory allocation, Associative memory.

System Organization   
Communication methods, Buses, Bus control, Bus interfacing, Bus arbitration, IO and system control, IO interface circuits, Handshaking, DMA and interrupts, Vectored interrupts, PCI interrupts, Pipeline interrupts, IOP organization, Operation systems, Multiprocessors, Fault tolerance, RISC and CISC processors, Superscalar and vector processor.



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