Computer Networks (Anna University)

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By: V.S.Bagad, I.A.Dhotre
ISBN: 9789350384381
Edition: Second
Pages: 664

Physical Layer
Data communications - Networks - Networks models - OSI model - Layers in OSI model - TCP / IP protocol suite - Addressing - Guided and unguided transmission media.Switching: Circuit switched networks - Data gram Networks - Virtual circuit networks. Cable networks for data transmission: Dialup modems - DSL - Cable TV - Cable TV for data transfer.   

Data Link Layer
Data link control: Framing - Flow and error control - Protocols for noiseless and noisy channels - HDLC. Multiple access: Random access - Controlled access. Wired LANS : Ethernet - IEEE standards - Standard ethernet - Changes in the standard - Fast ethernet - Gigabit ethernet.
Wireless LANS : IEEE 802.11 - Bluetooth.
Connecting LANS: Connecting devices - Backbone networks - Virtual LANS. Virtual circuit networks: Architecture and layers of frame relay and ATM.

Network Layer
Logical addressing: IPv4, IPv6 addresses. Internet protocol: Internetworking - IPv4, IPv6 - Address mapping - ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, ICMP, IGMP, Delivery - Forwarding - Routing – Unicast, Multicast routing protocols.  

Transport Layer
Process-to-process delivery - User Datagram Protocol (UDP) - Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) - Congestion control - Quality of services (QoS) - Techniques to improve QoS.

Application Layer
Domain Name System (DNS) - E-mail - FTP - WWW - HTTP - Multimedia Network.
Security : Cryptography - Symmetric key and public key algorithms - Digital signature - Management of public keys - Communication security - Authentication protocols.



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