Computer Organization and Architecture (Anna University)

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By: A. P. Godse, D. A. Godse
ISBN: 9789350388440
Edition: IV
Pages: 524

Basic Structure of Computers  
Functional units - Basic operational concepts - Bus structures - Performance and metrics - Instructions and instruction sequencing - Hardware - Software interface - Instruction set architecture - Addressing modes - RISC - CISC. ALU design - Fixed point and floating point operations.

Basic Processing Unit   
Fundamental concepts - Execution of a complete instruction - Multiple bus organization - Hardwired control - Micro programmed control - Nano programming.

Basic concepts - Data hazards - Instruction hazards - Influence on instruction sets - Data path and control considerations - Performance considerations - Exception handling.

Memory System   
Basic concepts - Semiconductor RAM - ROM - Speed - Size and cost - Cache memories - Improving cache performance - Virtual memory - Memory management requirements - Associative memories - Secondary storage devices.

I/O Organization   
Accessing I/O devices - Programmed input/output - Interrupts - Direct memory access - Buses - Interface circuits - Standard I/O interfaces (PCI, SCSI, USB), I/O devices and processors.

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