Computer Programming (Anna University)

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Author(s): ITL Education Solutions Limited, Ashok Kamthane
ISBN: 9788131764947
Pages: 672

Computer Programming is an indispensable text for teaching and learning computer concepts and the C programming language. Assuming no prior knowledge of programming languages on the part of the reader, this book contains a rich collection of solved examples and exercises to help

Table of Content

  •     Introduction to Computers
  •     Computer Software
  •     Information Technology and Internet
  •     Computer Programming and Languages
  •     Microsoft Word
  •     Microsoft Excel
  •     Microsoft PowerPoint
  •     Introduction to C
  •     The C Declarations
  •     Operators and Expressions
  •     Input and Output in C
  •     Decision Statements
  •     Loop Control Statements
  •     Functions
  •     Storage Class
  •     Arrays
  •     Working with Strings and Standard Functions


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