Cryptography and Network Security (Anna University)

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Author : V.S.Bagad, I.A.Dhotre
Number of Pages : 238
ISBN : 9789350384404

Security trends, Attacks and services, Classicial crypto systems, Different types of ciphers, LFSR sequences, Basic number theory, Congruences, Chinese remainder theorem, Modular exponentiation, Fermat and Euler's theorem, Legendre and Jacobi systems, Finite fields, Continued fractions.

Simple DES, Differential cryptoanalysis, DES, Modes of operation, Triple DES, AES, RC4, RSA, Attacks, Primality test, Factoring.

Discrete logarithms, Computing discrete logs, Diffie-Hellmann key exchange, EIGamal public key cryptosystems, Hash functions, Secure hash, Birthday attacks, MD5, Digital signatures, RSA, EIGamal, DSA.

Authentication applications, Kerberos, X.509, PKI, Electronic mail security, PGP, S/MIME, IP security, Web security, SSL, TLS, SET.

System security, Intruders, Malicious software, Viruses, Firewalls, Security standards.

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