Design and Analsis of Algorithms (Anna University)

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By: A. A. Puntambekar
ISBN: 9789350388181
Edition: IV
Pages: 440

Asymptotic notations, Necessary mathematical foundation, Introduction to algorithm, Algorithm specifications, Performance analysis, Review of proof techniques : Contradiction and mathematical induction, Solving recurrence equations. Introduction to NP-Hard And NP-Complete problems, Divide and conquer and greedy strategy, Performance analysis of algorithmic strategies.  Divide and Conquer : General strategy, Exponentiation, Quick sort and merge sort.
Greedy Method : General strategy, Knapsack problem, Job sequencing with deadlines, Optimal merge patterns, Minimal spanning trees and Dijkstra's algorithm.

Dynamic programming, Study of different ways to implement Knapsack problem. Implementation of OBST, Traveling salesperson problem. General strategy, Multistage graphs, OBST, 0/1 Knapsack, Traveling salesperson problem, Flow shop scheduling.

Backtracking : General strategy, 8 Queen's problem, Graph coloring, Hamiltonian cycles, 0/1 Knapsack. Branch and Bound : General strategy, 0/1 Knapsack, Traveling salesperson problem. Design of N Queen's problem, Hamiltonian cycles.

Basic Concepts : Non deterministic algorithms, The classes NP Hard and NP Complete, Cook's Theorem, NP Hard graph problems: Clique decision problem, Node cover decision problem, Chromatic number decision problem, Directed Hamiltonian cycle problem, TSP decision problem, AND/OR Graph decision problem, NP-Hard Scheduling Problems : Scheduling identical processors, Flow shop scheduling, Job shop scheduling. NP-Hard Scheduling. Study of NP-Hard and NP-Complete problems. Solving NP-Complete problem.

Parallel algorithms, Study of different graph problems. Implementation of different sorting problems on multiprocessor system. Computational model, Basic techniques and algorithms, Complete binary tree, Pointer doubling, Prefix computation,

Case studies of algorithmic designs & applications, Implementation of Huffman problem. Deadlock detection and avoidance implementation. Image edge detection algorithms, Resource allocation algorithm with deadlock avoidance, Heuristic search algorithm, Coding theory algorithm (Huffman coding), Sorting & convex hulls algorithm. Review and interactive discussions on home tutorials, Classroom tutorials and students presentation. Review of recent advances in the subject.

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