Digital Signal Processing (Anna University)

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Classification of systems : Continuous, Discrete, Linear, Causal, Stable, Dynamic, Recursive, Time variance : Classification of signals : Continuous and discrete, Energy and power; Mathematical representation of signals; Spectral density; Sampling techniques, Quantization, Quantization error, Nyquist rate, Aliasing effect, Digital signal representation.

Discrete Time System Analysis
z-transform and its properties, Inverse z-transforms, Difference equation - Solution by z-transform, Application to discrete systems - Stability analysis, Frequency response - Convolution - Fourier transform of discrete sequence - Discrete Fourier series.

Discrete Fourier Transform and Computation
DFT properties, Magnitude and phase representation - Computation of DFT using FFT algorithm - DIT and DIF - FFT using radix 2 - Butterfly structure.

Design of Digital Filters
FIR and IIR filter realization - Parallel and cascade forms. FIR design : Windowing techniques - Need and choice of windows - Linear phase characteristics.
IIR design : Analog filter design - Butterworth and Chebyshev approximations; Digital design using impulse invariant and bilinear transformation - Warping, Prewarping - Frequency transformation.

Digital Signal Processors   
Introduction - Architecture - Features - Addressing formats - Functional modes - Introduction to commercial processors.



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