Engineering Graphics (Anna University)

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Author: V. Ramesh Babu

Importance of Engineering Graphics
Drawing Instruments and Their Uses
BIS Conventions and Specifications
Engineering Scales
Geometrical Constructions
Curves Used in Engineering Practices-Conic Sections
Cycloids and Involutes
Freehand Sketching Techniques
Orthographic Projections
Freehand Sketching of Multiple Views from Pictorial Views of Objects
Conversion of Pictorial Views into Orthographic Views
Projections of Points
Projections of Straight Lines
Projections on Auxiliary Planes
Projections of Plane Surfaces
Projections of Solids
Auxiliary Projections of Solids
Sections of Solids
Development of Surfaces
Development of Surfaces of Solids with Cut-Outs
Intersection of Solids
Isometric Projection
Perspective Projection

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