Engineering Physics I (Anna University)

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By: H. J. Sawant
ISBN: 9789350992104
Edition: I
Pages: 236

Crystal Physics
Lattice - Unit cell - Bravais lattice - Lattice planes - Miller indices - d spacing in cubic lattice - Calculation of number of atoms per unit cell - Atomic radius - Coordination number - Packing factor for SC, BCC, FCC and HCP structures - Diamond and graphite structures (Qualitative treatment)- Crystal growth techniques - Solution, Melt (Bridgman and Czochralski) and vapour growth techniques (Qualitative).

Properties of Matter and Thermal Physics
Elasticity - Hooke’s law - Relationship between three modulii of elasticity (Qualitative) - Stress - Strain diagram - Poisson’s ratio - Factors affecting elasticity - Bending moment - Depression of a cantilever -Young’s modulus by uniform bending - I-shaped girders.
Modes of heat transfer -  Thermal conductivity- Newton’s law of cooling - Linear  heat flow - Lee’s disc method - Radial heat flow - Rubber tube method - Conduction through compound media (Series and Parallel).

Quantum Physics
Black body radiation - Planck’s theory (derivation) - Deduction of Wien’s displacement law and Rayleigh - Jeans’ Law from Planck’s theory - Compton effect. Theory and experimental verification - Properties of Matter waves - G.P Thomson experiment - Schrödinger’s wave equation - Time independent and time dependent equations - Physical significance of wave function - Particle in a one dimensional box - Electron microscope - Scanning electron microscope - Transmission electron microscope.

Acoustics and  Ultrasonics
Classification of Sound- Decibel- Weber-Fechner law - Sabine’s formula - Derivation using growth and decay method - Absorption coefficient and its determination - Factors affecting acoustics of buildings and their remedies.
Production of  ultrasonics by magnetostriction and  piezoelectric methods  - Acoustic grating  - Non destructive testing - Pulse echo system through transmission and reflection modes -  A, B and C - Scan displays, Medical applications - Sonogram.

Photonics  and  Fibre Optics
Spontaneous and  stimulated  emission -  Population  inversion  - Einstein’s  A  and  B  coefficients  - Derivation. Types of lasers - Nd : YAG, CO2, Semiconductor lasers (homojunction and heterojunction) -  Industrial and medical applications.
 Principle and propagation of light in optical fibres - Numerical aperture and acceptance angle - Types of optical fibres (Material, Refractive index, Mode) - Attenuation, Dispersion, Bending - Fibre optical communication system (Block diagram)  -  Active and passive fibre sensors -  Endoscope.

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