Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory (Anna University)

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Author(s): Wade Trappe, Lawrence C. Washington

With its lively, conversational tone and practical focus, this new edition mixes applied and theoretical aspects for a solid introduction to cryptography and security, including the latest significant advances in the field.

Table of Content

  •     Overview of Cryptography and its Applications
  •     Classical Cryptosystems.
  •     Basic Number Theory.
  •     The Data Encryption Standard
  •     AES: Rijndael
  •     The RSA Algorithm
  •     Discrete Logarithms
  •     Hash Functions
  •     Digital Signatures
  •     Security Protocols
  •     Digital Cash
  •     Secret Sharing Schemes
  •     Games
  •     Zero-Knowledge Techniques
  •     Information Theory
  •     Elliptic Curves
  •     Lattice Methods
  •     Error Correcting Codes
  •     Quantum Techniques in Cryptography

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