Mechanics of Solids (Anna University)

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By: Dr. R. K. Bansal, Sanjay Bansal
ISBN     : 81-7008-737-6
Edition     : First, 2005
Pages     : 359

About the Author:

Dr. R.K. Bansal is Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi. He is the Head of Deptt. of Mech. Engg. of University of Delhi and also Dean (U.G. Studies) of Delhi College of Engg., Delhi. He has been in teaching profession for over 35 years. He obtained his M.Tech Degree with Hons. from I.I.T., Delhi and Ph.D from the University of Delhi. He guided Ph.D. Thesis and many M.E. projects. He has a number of research papers to his credit and was awarded certificates of Merits for his two papers by the Insttution of Engineers (India). He is the author of Six Engineering Text Books and was awarded Ist EVER "Distinguished Authors Award" in 1999 (7th August, 1999) by F.E.P.I. (Federation of Educational Publishers in India). His field of specialization is Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Machines and Finite Element Method.

1. Deformation of Solids
2. Bending of Beams
3. Strength of Beams and Columns
4. Shafts and Springs
5. Plane Trusses


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