Mechatronics (Anna University)

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Mechatronics, Sensors and Transducers
Introduction to mechatronics systems - Measurement systems - Control systems - Microprocessor based controllers. Sensors and transducers - Performance terminology - Sensors for displacement, Position and proximity; Velocity, Motion, Force, Fluid pressure, Liquid flow, Liquid level, Temperature, Light sensors - Selection of sensors.

Actuation Systems
Pneumatic and hydraulic systems - Directional control valves - Rotary actuators. Mechanical actuation systems - Cams  - Gear trains - Ratchet and pawl - Belt and chain drives - Bearings. Electrical actuation systems - Mechanical switches - Solid state switches - Solenoids - Construction and working principle of DC and AC motors - Speed control of AC and DC drives, Stepper motors - Switching circuitries for stepper motor - AC and DC servo motors.

System Models and Controllers
Building blocks of mechanical, Electrical, Fluid and thermal systems, Rotational - Transnational systems, Electromechanical systems - Hydraulic - Mechanical systems. Continuous and discrete process controllers - Control mode - Two - Step mode - Proportional mode - Derivative mode - Integral mode - PID controllers - Digital controllers - Velocity control - Adaptive control - Digital logic control - Micro processors control.

Programming Logic Controllers
Programmable logic controllers - Basic structure - Input / output processing - Programming - Mnemonics - Timers, Internal relays and counters - Shift registers - Master and jump controls - Data handling - Analogs input / output - Selection of a PLC.

Design of Mechatronics System
Stages in designing mechatronics systems - Traditional and mechatronic design - Possible design solutions. Case studies of mechatronics systems - Pick and place robot - Autonomous mobile robot - Wireless suriviellance balloon - Engine management system - Automatic car park barrier.


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