Network Programming and Management (Anna University)

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By: V.S.Bagad, I.A.Dhotre
ISBN: 9789350384527
Edition: First
Pages: 206

Elementary TCP Sockets
Introduction to socket programming - Overview of TCP/IP protocols - Introduction to sockets - Socket address structures - Byte ordering functions - Address conversion functions - Elementary TCP sockets - Socket, Connect, Bind, Listen, Accept, Read, Write, Close functions - Iterative server  - Concurrent server.

Application Development
TCP echo server - TCP echo client - Posix signal handling - Server with multiple clients - Boundary conditions : Server process crashes, Server host crashes, Server crashes and reboots, Server shutdown - I/O multiplexing - I/O models - Select function - Shutdown function - TCP echo server (with multiplexing) - Poll function - TCP echo client (with multiplexing).

Socket Options, Elementry UDP Sockets
Socket options - getsocket and setsocket functions - Generic socket options - IP socket options - ICMP socket options - TCP socket options - Elementary UDP sockets - UDP echo server - UDP echo client - Multiplexing TCP and UDP sockets - Domain name system - gethostbyname function - IPv6 support in DNS - gethostbyadr function - getservbyname and getservbyport functions.

Advanced Sockets
IPv4 and IPv6 interoperability - Threaded servers - Thread creation and termination - TCP echo server using threads - Mutexes - Condition variables - Raw sockets - Raw socket creation - Raw socket output - Raw socket input - Ping program - Trace route program.   Simple Network Management  

SNMP network management concepts
SNMP management information - Standard MIB’s - SNMPv1 protocol and practical issues - Introduction to RMON, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3.



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