Object Oriented Analysis and Design (Anna University)

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By: A. A. Puntambekar
ISBN: 9789350388303
Edition: II
Pages: 208

Introduction to OOAD -  What is OOAD ? - What is UML ? What are the United Process(UP) phases  - Case study - The NextGen POS system, Inception - Use case modeling - Relating use cases - Include, Extend and generalization.

Elaboration - Domain models - Finding conceptual classes and description classes - Associations - Attributes - Domain model refinement - Finding conceptual class hierarchies - Aggregation and composition - UML activity diagrams and modeling.

System sequence diagrams - Relationship between sequence diagrams and use cases, Logical architecture and UML package diagram - Logical architecture refinement - UML class diagrams - UML interaction diagrams.

GRASP : Designing objects with responsibilities - Creator - Information expert - Low coupling -Controller - High cohesion - Designing for visibility - Applying GoF design patterns - Adapter, Singleton, Factory and observer patterns.

UML state diagrams and modeling - Operation contracts - Mapping design to code - UML deployment and component diagrams.

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