Optical Communication and Networking (Anna University)

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Introduction, Ray theory transmission - Total internal reflection - Acceptance angle - Numerical aperture - Skew rays - Electromagnetic mode theory of optical propagation - EM waves - Modes in planar guide - Phase and group velocity - Cylindrical fibers - SM fibers.

Transmission Characteristics of Optical Fibers
Attenuation - Material absorption losses in silica glass fibers - Linear and non linear scattering losses - Fiber bend losses - Midband and farband  infra red transmission - Intra and inter modal dispersion - Over all fiber dispersion - Polarization - Non  linear phenomena. Optical fiber connectors, Fiber alignment and joint losses - Fiber splices - Fiber connectors - Expanded beam connectors - Fiber couplers.

Sources and Detectors
Optical sources : Light emitting diodes - LED structures - Surface and edge emitters mono and hetero structures - Internal - Quantum efficiency, Injection laser diode structures - Comparison of LED and ILD.
Optical detectors : PIN photo detectors, Avalanche photo diodes, Construction, Characteristics and properties, Comparison of performance, Photo detector noise - Noise sources, Signal to noise ratio, Detector response time.

Fiber Optic Receiver and Measurements
Fundamental receiver operation, Pre amplifiers, Error sources - Receiver configuration - Probability of error - Quantum limit.
Fiber attenuation measurements - Dispersion measurements - Fiber refractive index profile measurements - Fiber cut-off wave length measurements - Fiber numerical aperture measurements - Fiber diameter measurements.

Optical Networks
Basic networks - SONET/SDH - Broadcast and select WDM networks - Wavelength routed networks - Non linear effects on network performance - Performance of WDM + EDFA system - Solitons - Optical CDMA - Ultra high capacity networks.


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