Strength of Materials (Anna University)

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By: H. J. Sawant
ISBN: 9789350388082
Edition: II
Pages: 612

Unit - I Stress Strain Deformation of Solids  
Rigid and deformable bodies - Strength, Stiffness and stability - Stresses; Tensile, Compressive and shear - Deformation of simple and compound bars under axial load - Thermal stress - Elastic constants - Strain energy and unit strain energy - Strain energy in uniaxial loads.

Unit -  II Beams - Loads and Stresses   
Types of beams : Supports and loads - Shear force and bending moment in beams - Cantilever, Simply supported and overhanging beams  - Stresses in beams - Theory of simple bending-Stress variation along the length and  in the beam section-Effect of shape of beam section on stress induced-Shear stresses in beams - Shear flow.

Unit -  III Torsion   
Analysis of torsion of circular bars - Shear stress distribution - Bars of solid and hollow circular section - Stepped shaft - Twist and torsion stiffness - Compound shafts - Fixed and simply supported shafts. Application to close-coiled helical springs - Maximum shear stress in spring section including Wahl factor deflection of helical coil springs under axial loads - Design of helical coil    springs - Stresses in helical coil springs under torsion loads.

Unit - IV Beamdeflection   
Elastic curve of neutral axis of the beam under normal loads - Evaluation of beam deflection and slope : Double integration method, Macaulay method and moment-area method - Columns - End conditions - Equivalent length of a column - Euler equation - Slenderness ratio - Rankine formula for columns.

Unit - V Analysis of Stresses in Two Dimensions       
Biaxial state of stresses - Thin cylindrical and spherical shells - Deformation in thin cylindrical and spherical shells - Biaxial stresses at a point - Stresses on inclined plane - Principal planes and stresses - Mohr's circle for biaxial stresses - Maximum shear stress - Strain energy in bending and torsion.

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