RF and Microwave Enggineering (Anna University)

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By: V.S. Bagad
ISBN: 9789350990704
Edition: II
Pages: 484

Two Port RF Networks-Circuit Representation
Low frequency parameters - Impedance, Admittance, Hybrid and ABCD. High frequency parameters - Formulation of S parameters, Properties of S parameters - Reciprocal and lossless networks, Transmission matrix, Introduction to component basics, Wire, Resistor, Capacitor and Inductor, Applications of RF.

RF Transistor Amplifier Design and Matching Networks
Amplifier power relation, Stability considerations, Gain considerations noise figure, Impedance matching networks, Frequency response, T and  matching networks, Microstripline matching networks.

Microwave Passive Components
Microwave frequency range, Significance of microwave frequency range - Applications of microwaves. Scattering matrix - Concept of N port scattering matrix representation - Properties of S matrix - S matrix formulation of two-port junction / Microwave junctions - Tee junctions - Magic Tee - Rat race - Corners - Bends and twists - Directional couplers - Two hole directional couplers - Ferrites - Important microwave properties and applications - Termination - Gyrator - Isolator - Circulator - Attenuator - Phase changer - S Matrix for microwave components - Cylindrical cavity resonators.

Microwave Semiconductor Devices
Microwave semiconductor devices - Operation - Characteristics and application of BJTs and FETs - Principles of tunnel diodes - Varactor and step recovery diodes - Transferred electron devices - Gunn diode - Avalanche transit time devices - IMPATT and TRAPATT devices. Parametric devices - Principles of operation - Applications of parametric amplifier. Microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) - Materials and fabrication techniques.

Microwave Tubes and Measurements  
Microwave tubes - High frequency limitations - Principle of operation of Multicavity Klystron, Reflex Klystron, Traveling wave tube, Magnetron. Microwave measurements : Measurement of power, Wavelength, Impedance, SWR, Attenuation, Q and phase shift.

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