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Electrical and Electronics

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Basic Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Anna University)
By: U.A.BAKSHI, U.A.BAKSHI, A.P.GODSE ISBN: 9789350384206 Edition: Second Pages: 626 Electrica..
₹375.00 ₹360.00
Communication Engineering (Anna University)
By: DR. J. S. CHITODE ISBN: 9789350382455 Edition: NA Pages: 652 Analog Communication AM - Fr..
Computer Architecture (Anna University)
Author : A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse Number of Pages : 564 ISBN : 9789350384640 Register Transfer and ..
₹360.00 ₹340.00
Computer Networks (Anna University)
By: I. A. Dhotre, V. S. Bagad ISBN: 9789350388747 Edition: III Pages: 556 Introduction to netw..
₹325.00 ₹320.00
Computer Programming (Anna University)
Author(s): ITL Education Solutions Limited, Ashok Kamthane ISBN: 9788131764947 Pages: 672 Com..
₹399.00 ₹390.00
Data Structures and Algorithms (Anna University)
By: A. A. Puntambekar ISBN: 9789350990810 Edition: V Pages: 572 Linear Structures Abstract Da..
₹399.00 ₹380.00
Digital Design (Anna University)
Author(s): M. Morris Mano, Michael D. Ciletti ISBN:9788131762806 Pages:680 This fourth edition ..
₹499.00 ₹460.00
Digital Electronics (Anna University)
By: A. P. Godse, D. A. Godse ISBN: 9789350990674 Edition: V Pages: 744 Digital Logic Families ..
₹360.00 ₹350.00
Digital Logic Circuits (Anna University)
By: A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse ISBN: 9789350384190 Edition: Third Pages: 592 Boolean Algebra and Com..
₹280.00 ₹280.00
Digital Signal Processing (Anna University)
By: DR. J. S. CHITODE ISBN: 9789350382516 Edition: NA Pages: 708 Introduction Classification ..
₹425.00 ₹420.00
Electrical Machines - I (Anna University)
By: M. V. Bakshi, U. A. Bakshi ISBN: 9789350388389 Edition: IV Pages: 700 Transformer-I Worki..
₹350.00 ₹340.00
Electrical Machines - I (Anna University)
Author: Smarajit Ghosh ISBN:9788131767702 Pages:456 This text is designed for the fundamental E..
₹350.00 ₹340.00
Electromagnetic Fields (Anna University)
Author: G. S. N. Raju ISBN:9788131767719 Pages:504 Electromagnetic Fields is an ideal textbook ..
₹350.00 ₹340.00
Electromagnetic Theory (Anna University)
By: A. V. BAKSHI, U. A. BAKSHI ISBN: 9789350386224 Edition: IV Pages: 928 Introduction Source..
₹495.00 ₹490.00
Electronic Circuits II (Anna University)
Author(s):B. Visvesvara Rao, K. Raja Rajeswari, P. Chalam Raju Pantulu, K. Bhaskara Rama Murthy ISB..
₹350.00 ₹320.00